Prednisone pneumonia treatment

prednisone pneumonia treatment

Pneumonia — Learn about the symptoms, causes and treatment of this serious lung infection. Clinical trials yielded conflicting data about the benefit of adding systemic corticosteroids for treatment of community-acquired pneumonia. In the largest randomised, double-blind trial of short-term corticosteroid treatment in hospitalised community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) patients performed to. prednisone pneumonia treatment DB gave financial and staff support for clindamycin doxycycline the nasopharyngeal PCR. Accessed April 15, Three systematic reviews [ 13 - 15 ] and one meta-analysis [ 16 ] concluded that the available evidence suggests that administration of corticosteroids in patients with CAP might be beneficial. However, a recent study showed a reduced length of hospital stay in CAP patients treated with dexamethasone as compared to placebo [ 6 ], also putting it forward as a possible type of corticosteroid in patients with CAP. To use or not to use corticosteroids for prednisne Corticosteroids in the treatment of pneumonai sepsis septic shock in adults: a systematic review.

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